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Kings Coronation celebrations

Lydia Craig

6 May 2023

Wow, what a weekend at the hall the coronation was special moments for so many families staying here at Langton Hall over the course of the weekend.

The bunting was up along with other decorations to ensure that everyone knew we were here to celebrate such a momentous occasion in the UK!

Monday was the focus of our parties with the talented musician Ross, bringing his guitar and his amazing voice for a small picnic concert down by our charming waterfall within the parkland of the hall.

The weather did take a turn for the worse and the rain made an appearance however this did not stop us or our guests for long as we moved the party to the heart of Langton Hall and its grand South Wing.

The guests all enjoyed a warm, dry space and the wonderful music whilst looking out at the view of the parkland and rose garden.

We also had an appearance from many special cars that arrived for the event, including a number of Ferrari's and a Lamborghini! Guests were turning up in style!

Each person's (now indoor) picnic was judged by William Langton who presented a bottle of champagne to the winner!

Events like this really highlight the special nature of Langton Hall with it's warm, welcoming environment where families enjoy time together to mark truly special moments and create new memories.

The outdoor swimming pool is also now open and in full force, sitting between 26 and 27°. It’s beautiful view is like no other in Yorkshire as it overlooks acres of parkland where you can see the rolling countryside and can even spot our own charming little waterfall.

Langton Hall is fortunate enough to be very busy over the weekend periods however mid week were often very quiet! In the event that you’re thinking of planning a quick getaway or if you have a bit of annual leave to use up please speak to us first so that we can get you an amazing getaway at an even better price, particularly if the weather is good.

We are very excited to welcome old and new guests over the summer period and are pleased the winter is behind us. We’re ready to enjoy another special summer here at the hall!

Thank you to former guests for trusting us with your precious family time, and thank you to future guests for putting your trust in us for your holidays this summer.

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